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Artist's Bio

I’m going to introduce you to an artist who has been sitting in the background waiting for her time to come forward. You are going to want to sit up and pay attention to this introduction, as kimmerT is creating a new movement in Art. Her painting style has been titled "kimism"; images created from within

kimmerT is at the mercy of her own mind, her art work controls and creates itself. An idea pops into her head and becomes a sketch. Over a period of days or weeks, the painting creates itself. She’ll tell you she gets lost in the process; at times waiting for her mind to tell her where to go, other times trying to play catch up with her brush.

She is inspired by the world around her. Because she embraces change in life, her style grows and changes with her. Every image is new and exciting, challenging your brain to understand her reality.

Come on the journey with her as kimmerT embraces life and her art embraces her. 


Artist Statement 

I remember art class in junior high school. It was Halloween and we were painting large pumpkins to put on the walls. I laid down the blocks of orange paint just like everyone else. Unlike everyone, I couldn’t stop. I got lost in the painting, creating shadow and depth to the pumpkin. I didn’t know what I was doing, I just did it.

I studied at NSCAD after high school. But wasn’t ready to tap into my art, so I took off for the west to live in the mountains. I almost always had a pen, pencil or camera in hand. I’ve been home for 5 years now, after 22 in Alberta.

A series of events found me at the darkest time of my life, struggling for survival. This is when I finally accepted that it’s okay that I don’t look at the world as most people do. I picked up a paintbrush and started laying paint down on canvas. I allow my art to create itself, and put no restrictions on it. I am at its mercy, getting lost in the process and finding true joy there.

I have always been on this amazing journey of change and growth. Now I allow myself to express that in my paintings.


Come join me on my journey. See the world as I see it. It’s beautiful and interesting here.