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Marc Robichaud

Artist’s Bio

Marc has lived in Halifax for 20 years. He completed 2 years at NSCAD. Focusing mainly on drawing and painting. Marc also completed a 3 year course at NBCC Miramichi and received a diploma in Animation & Graphics technology. After completing this course he worked at Colideascope digital in Halifax for 10 years as a 2D animator. He was an animator on many popular shows. Working for large companies like Warner Brothers, Disney, Much Music and MTV. Known for being a hard working artist meeting countless deadlines. Working many days late into the evening. To make sure the work was up to the high standards of his employers. A great environment to meet other artists from all over the world and learn from them.



Artist’s Statement


My work is inspired by nature and some great teachers. Starting out as an Animator helped me get movement in my work. It also gave me a lot of practice in many forms of art. I’m known for being able to change styles and types of art that I make. I will always work as an Animator for myself and freelance jobs. I love painting oil and acrylic. Also I like to sculpt and carve, different hard stones Jade, Quartz, Lapis and Opal. I like a challenge. I would rather be challenged than not. My latest interests are in 3D epoxy resin paintings an amazing new type of art. It is surprising to see a painting in 3 dimensions. Also surprising to see people’s reactions to them. All styles of art are interesting to me. I find other artists are as interesting as the art they make.