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Cailin Green

Artist’s Bio

Cailin enjoys working with various media – including acrylic, oils, found objects, and mixed media – to explore form and pattern in both abstract and realism. Her subject matter is often inspired by nature or geometric pattern, or both intertwined. She sometimes also paints nature subjects in high realism, and experiments with nature photography, often using her photos for subject matter.

A graduate of Concordia University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in drawing, Cailin went on to have a successful 30 year career as a graphic designer, only recently retiring from her profession to pursue her interests in fine art and music full time. She was born in Moncton, NB, and moved to Montreal at the age of 10. She eventually made her way out to Vancouver, BC, via Barrie, Ontario, always keeping a hand in producing fine art and music along the way. Cailin currently lives near Dartmouth, NS.

Artist’s Statement

“Heavily influenced by my years as a designer, I’m currently fascinated with intricate pattern and form, seeing how far I can push the envelope and merge it with other forms of art. I believe, as human beings, we are inherently drawn to pattern, both in form and colour. We are surrounded by these things in nature, and as humans, our tendency is to mimic these patterns in our structures and creations.”