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Calder Kibyuk

Artist’s Bio

Originally from New Waterford Cape Breton, now currently residing in Halifax. Coming from a family of artists I was always surrounded by art my entire life. I Graduated with a Diploma in Graphic Design at NSCC in 2008, with my main focus on photography. Being able to practice my photography and design skills at the studio I worked at, I never gave up painting. Eventually I decided to continue my education at NSCAD. Recently graduating in 2014 with a BFA focusing heavily on large scale oil painting and sculpture! While I still do freelance photography and design work my main passion is in fine arts. My main forms of media are oil paint, graphite, and clay, but I love to work with any and all materials, constantly trying new things so that my work will evolve over time.

Artist’s Statement

“My art gets its inspiration from the natural world and the forms found within it. Human and animal alike I tend to abstract their forms into something more surreal and thought provoking. I constantly want to keep the viewer engaged and question my process and the reasoning behind things. Although a lot of my work is representational, I strive to work outside of my comfort zone to benefit myself, and my art. As a result my art and medium are always changing and evolving, constantly challenging myself to improve, because I believe my art is never truly finished and can always be improved upon!”