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CC Brown

Artist’s Bio

CC Brown believes sunrise and sunset are overrated when compared to noon and 2 am. She was born with an incurable affliction, which causes various items she walks by on the street to follow her home. It may be related to her ever-expanding talent for killing products she likes. Or not. In any case, she can only break the gravitational attraction by twisting and warping objects into new shapes that finally achieve peace. Sometimes this process spans years. She has a fundamentally cat-like distaste for being seen, but if you wait patiently, she may suddenly appear beside you as if she has been there all along. Try not to react, as this will scare her off. She does like treats in the form of genuine complements. Given privately. At a distance so she can enjoy them probably later if she feels like it. Someone once told her she had a fine sense of the absurd and that has been her off-and-on motto ever since. All of this is true today but may be subject to change without notice.

Artist’s Statement

“I view visual art as another tool for exploring, examining and intersecting with the world and everything in it. I don’t often set out to work toward a predetermined concept, but rather I follow my curiosity to see what my subconscious might be telling me – an organic process of discovery through observation and experimentation instead of mathematical proof. My subjects, therefore, tend to be many, varied – and not always obvious. The real object represented may be an excuse to deal with questions of colour, texture, translucency, or even the mediums themselves. As a whole, my work tends to focus on raising the small, insignificant and mundane to a place of momentary importance – to really see them. The works speak equally to the unabashedly physical process of creation: This attention to materiality, to the thingness of things is often meditative, creating a connection to the tangible and an antithesis to the disconnect of increasingly digital lives.”