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Crystal Parker

Artist’s Bio

Crystal Parker, born 1987, lives in Lake Echo, NS with her husband and three little girls. Crystal does artwork in two mediums: acrylic paintings and ink drawings. Abstract continuous line figures appear prominently in her art representing people, animals and objects using a continuous flowing, curving line that connects back to its beginning. She has been drawing for her own pleasure since childhood and learned to love painting when she was introduced to it through art classes in high school. Crystal has been a finalist in two group art shows this year at the Art Zone: Intangible Thoughts and Urban Construct. Her artwork has been described as vibrant, colourful and unique.

Artist’s Statement

“Art has always been a sweet place for me. A place to relax, to express myself. I enjoy bright colours and strong contrasts. It comes out in my art in a way that is unmistakable. I also love nature, and while I’m far from being a landscape artist, I like to carry the sense of nature into my art when I’m able. My continuous line drawings are something that have been with me since my childhood when I would fill my school books with them for the sheer joy of it. I’ve always considered them beautiful, enjoying using the flowing, swirling thread to form a hidden but recognizable image.”