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Debbie Mosher

Artist’s Bio

I was born in Halifax and currently live in Dartmouth and raised my children in Cole Harbour.  I am a mother of five children and several grandchildren. I have a Masters Degree in Adult Education and have work in health and education for over 35 years both in Nova Scotia and PEI.

I have been involved in painting since the 80’s. I pursued art in the 80’s to find means to balance a hectic lifestyle and to express my passions through art.

I have been very active in the local art community. I was a past member and president of the Contemporary Art Society of Nova Scotia and also a past member of Dartmouth Visual Art Society. I was a member of the Seabreeze Artists who showed at MacDonald House for 7 years. I have been in many juried shows over the years. My art has found homes throughout Canada and the United States.

I have taken a variety of classes at NSCAD throughout the years and many workshops with a variety of artist such as Tom Forestall, Jeannie Hancock, Marilyn MacAvoy.

I am also a Certified Grumbacher Art Instructor for acrylics and drawing for the Dartmouth Michaels Store.

I am also the Director of the Art Gallery of Humani-T located at both Humani-T Cafes. I also have my own business “Expressions of Colour Art Studio” where I have been teaching acrylic painting sessions for adults and youth over the last several years. I have held artistic workplace teambuilding workshops that have been very effective.

I work and teach in a variety of styles. I enjoy linking my art to the written word, especially the words of the poet Rumi.

My philosophy is simple: engaging in art is deeply connected to one’s overall wellbeing. There is surely a spiritual connection to ones expression through the arts.


Artist’s Statement

I have grown to believe and now know that all of us are born artist and that many of us have allowed growing up to slowly inhibit us from staying the course of creativity and replacing it with disbelief of our own ability to create.

Back in the late 80’s I soon discovered the power of engaging in art both mentally and spiritually.  At that time I was deep into raising 5 children, working full time in health management and heavily involved in my community. When I made the decision to find some “me” time I chose to start to do fine art. I soon discovered that art was my Prozac. As time went on I deepened myself more into the creative process as a tremendous life balance.

I started incorporating this creative process with my staff to build a common ground, something like team building but deeper that formed safe places, friendships and confidence. Through this experience I further discovered that the more we engaged with creativity and imagination there seemed to be a powerful energy that transforms us both in health and spirit whether we are doing the creative experience or observing as the experience.

An old man I once met in my earlier years of painting once told me “Artists are the antenna of the world”. Those words spoke so loud and strong to me at that time and still do today!

I do not cling to one particular style but dance around in all styles. I have shared my love of art with so many and hopefully over the last many years have helped others discover the artist within themselves.

I want my art to speak to others whether it provides a memory or moment of comfort or reflection. Other times I want my art to speak loud of issues and values that I want to express.