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Artist’s Bio

Dynka Oakley, is an established small business Owner/Manager operating over the last 12 years in Halifax N.S. She was raised in a small picturesque fishing village known as Terrance Bay surrounded by the beauty of Mother Nature.

She is known for her unique style to a variety of mediums. Selected works are being presented at the local cafe. Having her art displayed has encouraged her to further advance and promote her various artistic styles.

In 2009, Dynka started to devote more time to her passion. She enjoys working out of her small cozy Halifax, studio. Dynka’s art comes to life from combining all of her senses and with the perfect blend of life experiences to create her pieces. She is presently working on a collection of paintings.

Artist’s Statement

“As an artist, I love to develop pieces that speak to me, while enticing the viewer to move into a space of speculation. I rely on our desires for beauty, poetics and seduction. The subject matter of each body of work determines the materials and the forms of work.

My influences come from the awaking of all my senses, People and life inspire and challenge me to express my inner most thoughts. My husband has been my visual teacher and mentor, his guidance has inspired my journey.

I am never without a sketchbook in hand so I am constantly drawing and sometimes certain sketches develop into more in-depth ideas and detailed images.

Purely soul driven and without any academic training the work naturally flows onto canvas. I often step back from my work to release the energy and excitement, that accumulate with every stroke of the brush.

Art is like a puppet of the imagination; it knows no time. It only waits for you to inspire movement.”