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Evan Meisner

Artist’s Bio

Evan Meisner has spent the majority of his life living in Mill Cove on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. For the last six years he has lived in Halifax, received a certificate from NSCC’s Applied Communication Arts Program, traveled to New Zealand and Europe, and is now currently completing a BFA degree at NSCAD University. Evan’s art practice consists of working with a variety of materials including concrete, steel, and wood, and in several disciplines such as drawing, sculpture, and printmaking.

Artist’s Statement

Ideas and histories surrounding architecture, progress, development, empirical thought, and culture, amongst other influences provide my own creative industry with sustenance as I form my thoughts into physical dimensions. Material becomes the channel these ideas flow through to relay questions and offer answers and evolve more ideas. My art practice has and will continue to work through and with various themes as influences change and my mind-set alters.