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Katie Hillman

Artist’s Bio

Katie Hillman was drawing on her parents’ walls and furniture before she could talk. A native of Sackville, Nova Scotia, she spent most of her childhood doodling before inevitably ending up at NSCAD University in 2006. While working towards a BFA, she developed a particular interest in illustration- this led her to study at the Edinburgh College of Art.

An avid reader and writer, storytelling has always played a huge role in Katie’s life. This focus on narrative often bleeds over into her paintings. She believes that a still image can tell just as complex a story as a film- we simply experience time in a different way while engaging with it.

Katie has worked in and out of the cultural field in various capacities; art teacher, historical interpreter, illustrator, creating public art, caricaturist, gallery coordinator… on rare occasion, you can spot her without ink stains on her hands.

Katie is most at home in green spaces, quiet beaches, and hill tops. She can be found in these places with a sketchbook in one hand and a coffee in the other.


Artist’s Statement

My work is fascinated with the relics of visual culture- the forgotten languages of ancient art. I have a keen interest in studying how mankind interprets the world around it, especially our (usually rocky) relationship with nature. Through fables and folklore, we have so often filtered our own dreams and fears through the natural world. As an artist, I am attracted to the rich symbolism animals and plant life have possessed throughout history, although these secret meanings are often lost to time.

Storytelling has always been an important part of my life. Working as a historical interpreter gave me insight into how the present self-curates through our remembering of the past. I am interested in what gets left behind, and why, and what that says about us.