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Laura Pelton

Artist’s Bio

Laura grew up in the Annapolis Valley. She now lives in Dartmouth and is a second year student at NSCAD taking a BFA in Fine Art. She’s focusing mainly on Painting, Illustration and Drawing, though she likes to try new things. Laura’s also interested in exploring the idea of narrative art. Making art that celebrates line and mark making also interests her. Being a young artist she doesn’t have a set style or plan for her future as an artist, preferring to keep an open mind to the possibilities ahead.


Artist’s Statement

My work is influenced by a limitless stream of things for inspiration. The main backbone of my art though is the use of my creativity plus the amount of interest I have in a subject or idea.  I don’t have a solid style as I am still exploring myself as an artist and plan to be doing so for the rest of my life. I do have an interest though in non-literary forms of narration and storytelling, such as animation, illustration and other mediums of art that I can include in my practice. Being able to see the brush work or line work in a piece appeals to me as well. Again though I am still growing with my art practices each day and expect to evolve into further art forms and styles along the way; Not limiting myself from all the possibilities of the art world.