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Laura Teed

Artist’s Bio

Laura Teed is not your typical artist. A colourblind (or as she prefers “colour-confused”) communications masters student, one may be surprised to know that Laura has always been deeply involved in the Fine Arts.

Growing up in New Brunswick, her talent and creativity as a visual artist became apparent. Prior to earning her Fine Arts – Visual Art Honours degree at York University in Toronto, Laura was painting commissioned portraits while performing and teaching dance.

Laura immersed herself in all visual mediums at her disposal, design, dance and music classes, histories (art, world, anthropologies), as well as science (psychology and anatomy) at York. Laura’s interest in the intersection of science, religion and the environment in art began to take hold through international travel and cultural exposure. Her art’s subject matter (intensive landscapes of man and nature – like the work of Caspar Friedrich) and artistic style (colour use and line similar to Lawren Harris) reflected this shift. Her art has been displayed in several solo and group exhibitions around Toronto and the Maritimes.

Laura has had the opportunity to work with and alongside such great Canadian artists as sculptor Tim Whiten, painter Janet Jones and printmaker David Armstrong as well as several up and coming global artists. A personal highlight of her artistic career was her joint exhibition with her dear friend and celebrated UK portraitist, Joe Simpson, in a show aptly titled, “Colourblind.” Laura enjoys donating works for auction for charitable causes such as the Canadian Mental Health Association and the Moncton Hospital.

Laura learned the business of art and it became obvious that success required networking and public relations. Therefore, she completed her Post-Graduate PR Certificate at Humber College and was hired, prior to graduating, at Hill & Knowlton – Toronto in the Marketing Communications sector. While at H&K, she realized that PR was a stepping-stone to a better understanding and ability to impact the art scene through research and theoretical education. Laura is attending Mount Saint Vincent completing her Masters in Arts – Communication and going on to begin her PhD in Communications, while continuing to paint – challenging her both creatively and mentally.

Artist’s Statement

“Much like many of the great painters known to the public, I find infinite beauty in nature and the relationship between Man and Nature. There is nothing as powerful or as beautiful as a human presence’s significance measured by its surroundings. In this vein, I am also interested in what we construct or how we alter our natural habitats. I love looking at architecture and how it relates to the different organisms and cultures that inhabit it. I have the greatest respect for not only the artistic quality but the impression a building can make in a space. Buildings are produced to serve a double purpose: to suit both their use and their surrounding landscape. I like to expose what I see as their artistic strengths and weaknesses.”