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Mohamed Ahmed

Artist’s Bio

Originally a sculptor working with clay, Mohamed currently uses oil, pastel and acrylic colors to convey his thoughts. He did both portraits and landscape painting and always keep enough room for the viewer to create their own interpretations of the artwork.

Always fascinated with light and shadow effects, bright colors and contrast that show the beauty of our life experiences.

An amateur sculptor, painter and graphic designer, currently a resident of Halifax, Nova Scotia , Mohamed was born in Egypt and spent most of his life there working in the pharmaceutical business managing his own company until he retired recently and started pursuing his passion for art. He is the founder and gallery manager of Art Zone Gallery in downtown Halifax. A current member of The Art Student League Of New York, Mid America Pastel Society and Visual Arts Nova scotia.

Artist’s Statement

I believe that art is a wonderful tool for us to keep in balance. For me, it is a kind of meditation, an internal dialogue that explains, establishes and adds a lot to my life.

I have found that every medium I use to create art is unique in its own, it has a different way to tell the story or express my emotions. So I keep experimenting the beauty of each medium and invite everyone to do so.