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Monika Wright

Artist’s Bio

Canadian artist Monika Wright is a self-taught artist, inspired by other artists with whom she has taken workshops and  with the ArtSpa group she paints with regularly.

In 2005 she left behind a hectic career in Toronto for her new life in Halifax. She quickly rediscovered her passion for photography and painting. Then, after a tragedy in her own life, creating art became both her refuge and her passion and a full time career unfolded.

Monika paints in an idyllic setting in Nova Scotia, influenced by the organic shapes of the rugged landscape, by the wild ocean and tranquil lakes that surround her, and by the joyful colours of her imagination.

Soon after she began exhibiting, her works received recognition and have been included in galleries shows and in collections in Canada, the USA, Argentina, Uruguay, Spain and Germany.

Monika is an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists (SCA), a member of Visual Arts Nova Scotia (VANS), ArtSpa and CARFAC. She has received numerous awards in both Canada and the USA and has been published in International Women Celebrate, in the 50th Anniversary Edition of Enroute Magazine, in Exposure, Echoes of Elizabeth Bishop, CBC Sharing the View Calendar and Arts Illustrated Magazine.

Artist’s Statement

Art has the power to be transformative, to rearrange our vision of the world. Through awareness of our interconnectedness, I believe that we can reach a state of compassion for one another.

By incorporating universal symbols – circles as emblems of unity, wholeness and infinity, and lines, representing boundaries which separate us, but which also connect us to one another, I’m hoping to provoke thoughtfulness and also joy. My art is intended to be collaborative. Turn the painting upside down and sideways; you’ll see something different every time you look. Open your heart; let your imagination flow and experience the painting as your own creation.

In a world obsessed with darkness, I want to introduce light, hope and joy. What we choose to see and believe will determine how we live, not just where we live. Let’s build the puzzle of our life on this planet with care and empathy.