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Vasilis Vasili

Artist’s Statement

“My work may be characterized by concerns and concepts such as entrapment, restriction, escape, getaway, separation and partition. Several times I refer to a past which the present could not change. I try to unify the dream with reality, the forbidden with the desired, the impossible with the possible, other day with yesterday. I wish for the expansion of geographical and spiritual borders, I long for communication and civil rights. I protest and report an event. I reveal the unjust incident. Sometimes I create an incident myself. I break the silence of solitude disclosing thus a concern of mine. The adaptation of the shapes and the character of the materials are in the service of the project’s concept. In a game between the visible object and the multiple semiotic contexts which itself bears, I attempt to assign meanings, to correlate emotions and styles, to renew the tradition of conceptual and to puzzle over the aesthetics of the ordinary, ‘unsuspecting’ object.”