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Katie Hillman was drawing on her parents’ walls and furniture before she could talk. A native of Sackville, Nova Scotia, she spent most of her childhood doodling before inevitably ending up at NSCAD University in 2006. While working towards a BFA, she developed a particular interest in illustration- this led her to study at the Edinburgh College of Art.
Originally a sculptor working with clay, Mohamed currently uses oil, pastel and acrylic colors to convey his thoughts. He did both portraits and landscape painting and always keep enough room for the viewer to create their own interpretations of the artwork.
My practice of painting includes formal art practices, acquired knowledge, new findings, influences, personal experiences, encounters, visuals, and non-visuals elements. The artist begins, the painting takes over; sub-conscious and conscious move together, sometimes over long periods of time.
Cailin enjoys working with various media – including acrylic, oils, found objects, and mixed media – to explore form and pattern in both abstract and realism. Her subject matter is often inspired by nature or geometric pattern, or both intertwined.
Laura grew up in the Annapolis Valley. She now lives in Dartmouth and is a second year student at NSCAD taking a BFA in Fine Art. She’s focusing mainly on Painting, Illustration and Drawing, though she likes to try new things. Laura’s also interested in exploring the idea of narrative art.
Canadian artist Monika Wright is a self-taught artist, inspired by other artists with whom she has taken workshops and with the ArtSpa group she paints with regularly. In 2005 she left behind a hectic career in Toronto for her new life in Halifax.
Originally from New Waterford Cape Breton, now currently residing in Halifax. Coming from a family of artists I was always surrounded by art my entire life. I Graduated with a Diploma in Graphic Design at NSCC in 2008, with my main focus on photography.
Alumnus of both NSCAD and Concordia University. For over 30 years, award-winning Canadian artist Maria Valverde has been honing her skills as painter, working predominantly in oil and recently gold, silver and copper leaf. She frequently represents women in a portrait style, one she has dubbed, "Merger Portraits" as she uses element of her own physiognomy to guide her brush.
Born in Toronto, Ontario 1963 and came to Nova Scotia with his family in 1975. Andre Haines is a multi disciplined artist: working professionally as a visual artist, actor, musician, composer and director. Haines has been painting for over 25 years and has also designed for the theatre.
My work may be characterized by concerns and concepts such as entrapment, restriction, escape, getaway, separation and partition. Several times I refer to a past which the present could not change.
I was born in Halifax and currently live in Dartmouth and raised my children in Cole Harbour. I am a mother of five children and several grandchildren. I have a Masters Degree in Adult Education and have work in health and education for over 35 years both in Nova Scotia and PEI.
Yassa's water colour paintings are characterised by the illumination of light emanating from them exhibiting an optimistic and upbeat sense of life. Each painting is distinguished through arousing a different and special feeling inside the audience.