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March 2017 Members Show

 AZG members Show this year is full of beautiful pieces of fine art represnting their unique experiences!

Featured new artworks from AZG members: Rae Smith PACPaulette MelansonAnne Launcelott, Kathryn Harley Haynes, Mohamed Ahmed,Debbie Mosher - Expressions of Colour Art StudioAndre HainesBarbara ScottKatie HillmanKimmerTKristen Herrington ArtStéphane Richard, Catherine Brown, Rhonda Barrett - Newspaper Collage ArtistAthar Quershi,Dynka Studio PageNigel Beck and Mahnaz Sob.

On display from Art Zone gallery collection, artworks from these wonderful artists: Lisa Wright AbstractLynn Johnson ArtDenise Lanterman Fine Art,Monika Wright - ArtistCanadian Artist Andrea PottyondyCalder Kibyuk DesignsNancy RobertsLaura Teed and Ingrid Cottenden.